MotionPie Cam in Domoticz with Motion detection

I wanted to try setting up my Raspberry Pi-camera, and I wanted to integrate it with Domoticz.

I did some manual labor for setting up a dedicated IP-cam from scratch, but after searching around I found MotionPie ( ).
No point re-inventing the wheel, so I loaded it up according to the installation manual, and got it up network-wise.

The following is needed to be configured in order for Domoticz to work:
IP Address: <ipaddress>

If you create a dummy switch in Domoticz, you can have motionpie activate that switch using Motion Notifications:
Enable running of commands, and insert the following command:
curl ‘http://<IP-to-domoticz&gt;:8080/json.htm?type=command&param=switchlight&idx=<IDX>&switchcmd=On’
Where <IP-to-domoticz> is self-explanatory, and <IDX> is the ID-number for the switch.
Don’t forget to edit the switch so it’s a motion sensor, and set a custom off-delay.
MotionPie won’t trigger it “off” for you.

Restore MySQLdump –all-databases to other Debian-install

A backup using fex:

:~# /usr/bin/mysqldump –defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf –events –all-databases > all.sql

(It’s supposed to be two -‘es before defaults-file, events and all-databases)

Can be restored easily on a new install using this commands:

:~# scp all.sql user@newserver: # To copy the backup to the new server.

On the new server:
:~# mysql -u root -p < all.sql