Using systemd with Domoticz

I wanted to switch from old sysvinit to systemd, I’m starting to like systemd more and more, and I had some issues with Domoticz segfault’ing on me. (I’m always running latest git, so I can hardly blame them.)

What I had to do follows:

Remove the old sysvinit-scripts:
:~# update-rc.d domoticz remove

Move the old init-script away, just in case.
:~# mv /etc/init.d/domoticz ./domoticzinit

Create the new systemd.service, adjust as needed.

:~# editor /lib/systemd/system/domoticz.service

Description=Domoticz Home Automation

ExecStart=/home/domo/domoticz/domoticz -daemon -www 8080 -sslwww 443


Enable the new service

:~# systemctl enable domoticz.service

Reboot to verify, or do what makes you confident that this works as intended.

:~# systemctl status domoticz.service

Rejoice, and delete the old init-script.

:~# rm ./domoticzinit


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