Android 4.3.1 does not import vCard 3, but imports and exports vCard 2.1

I had an issue after switching dav-syncprovider in Android (CM 12.1 nightly) from dmfs ( ) to DAVdroid ( ).

Some of the contacts did not show up on my Android-device.
Apparently this was a known bug with some incorrectly formated contacts which DMFS supports/handles, but DAVdroid does not.

The solution was to export the contacts, and then re-import them via the wizard in Contacts-app in Android.
This gave me back all my contacts, but…

Pictures were gone.

After a bunch of searching, testing and anxiety I stumpled upon this:
So, Android in version 4.3.1 only support importing vCard 2.1, but my .vcf-file was a vCard 3-file.
I’m guessing Android 5.1.1 is not much better.

I tried alot of things, but after reading these three issues I gave up for now. Back to DMFS untill either DAVdroid implements workaround, or owncloud starts working as it should do (because it was apparently OwnCloud’s fault.)