Configure SMS Backup + for use with FastMail

I like to keep a backup of all my received/sendt texts and all info regarding my calls.
I do this by using SMS Backup + ( ), but I don’t use Google – I use FastMail.
At the time of this writing (2015-07-14) there is an issue with the package in F-droid, so you have to use an APK from another source.
So the following is needed to use SMS Backup + with FastMail.

First login to FastMail, go to Advanced Settings, and select Alternative Logins. (You need to NOT use an alternative login when viewing this.)

Create a new login, type a friendly name, select Regular as “Login Type”, input a good and complex password (20+ plus) in “Base password”, select “Full access”, and input the Master password, press “Create alternative login”
If you’d like, (and you should) create a new folder in FastMail and name it something that “fits” with the backup. I created a folder named “Log” which I’ll put both call log and SMS in, but seperate folders also works.

Now open the app on your phone, and press “Advanced Settings”, then press “IMAP Server Settings”.
Press “Authentication”, and switch to “Plain Text” (no, it won’t be Plain Text.)

Several settings were now revealed to you, use the settings from this page ( ) to get the correct ones.
At the time of writing ( 2015-07-14 ) this was:
Server address:
Security: SSL
Username: <fastmail login>
Password: <password you created above>

When all done, go back and select “Backup Settings”, mark the settings you want to backup (exclude WhatsApp, which was discontinued).
Configure this as per your liking, but under “Call log settings” and “SMS” you set “GMail labels”, this corresponds to IMAP-folders, and you should input the folder-name you created above there.

I would also recommend that you enter “Restore settings” and select a max number of messages restored, so as to not restore several thousand messages later on.

Enable “Auto backup” on main screen, and tweak “Auto backup settings” to your liking.
All done.

Android 4.3.1 does not import vCard 3, but imports and exports vCard 2.1

I had an issue after switching dav-syncprovider in Android (CM 12.1 nightly) from dmfs ( ) to DAVdroid ( ).

Some of the contacts did not show up on my Android-device.
Apparently this was a known bug with some incorrectly formated contacts which DMFS supports/handles, but DAVdroid does not.

The solution was to export the contacts, and then re-import them via the wizard in Contacts-app in Android.
This gave me back all my contacts, but…

Pictures were gone.

After a bunch of searching, testing and anxiety I stumpled upon this:
So, Android in version 4.3.1 only support importing vCard 2.1, but my .vcf-file was a vCard 3-file.
I’m guessing Android 5.1.1 is not much better.

I tried alot of things, but after reading these three issues I gave up for now. Back to DMFS untill either DAVdroid implements workaround, or owncloud starts working as it should do (because it was apparently OwnCloud’s fault.)